Seven Years of Plenty Part 4

Premiere: OleloNet Episode 121* Nov 23, 2016

In 2007 and 2008, Kim Clement prophesied that America is “shaken” by the changes in government positions and laws. God announces that the man He is choosing to lead America will walk into the White House in unbelief. But, God will pour His Holy Spirit and Fire upon that U.S. President, and he will become a “praying President.” The demonic powers over this nation shall be “cast down” (Luke 10:18). He will return this nation to “righteousness and freedom” where the name of the Almighty GOD shall be honored once again.

VISION: Hear how God sent a million angels to America on National Election Day 2016. At midnight on the east coast to the west coast, angels changed the voting machines to its original format. (TIME: 23:49 – 28:21 min.)

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