Episode 240: The Final Sign: Three Days of Darkness by Patricia O. Nakama

Premiere: OleloNet Dec. 5, 2017

Jesus Villalobos, author of “Three Days of Darkness,” records his conversations with Jesus/Holy Spirit. A humble, honest man, he reveals that it took him 40 years to complete this book.

In it, Jesus explains that the final sign of His Coming is the “Sign of Jonah.” As Jonah was in the belly of a great fish for three days, and Jesus suffered on the cross for three hours (in darkness), so will the earth be plunged into three days of “darkness” before the “return of Jesus Christ” will light up the sky as the “rising sun.”

Villalobos uses an analogy describing the reactions of good and evil men to this darkness. Since all “electrical” currents will be cut off, there is absolutely no technical communications for three days. People are advised to remain in their homes with drapes and windows and doors completely closed and locked. He indicates that demonic spirits will be roaming the streets, possibly “Nephilim” looking for human flesh to eat. It behooves the reader to remember that the author is describing and assuming these things by the sounds he heard (in complete darkness) as the Spirit of God answered his questions.

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