My Trip To Heaven And Back

By Marieann P. Ono Ferreira January 22, 2015

On a lazy Friday afternoon, Pat and I decided to go shopping for music sheets at Kuramoto Dry Goods. Then, we planned to drive to Mana (5 miles from home–Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii), to check on my mother. I sat on the passenger seat next to Pat in Grandpa’s 1948 Baby Blue Buick. It had no seat belts or air conditioning.  So we rolled the windows down, hoping to catch a breath of cool breeze in this normally muggy plantation town we teasingly called “Sahara Desert II†on the western end of Kauai, The Garden Island of the Hawaiian Islands.

            After purchasing music sheets, the thin package was tossed on the back seat. We drove onto the beach road to Mana[1]…enjoying the cool breeze; it was so refreshing.

            Suddenly a sound of crackling paper blew out of the back window. Pat thought it was her music sheets. We looked back. When we decided to forget it, Pat saw that the car was headed off the pavement towards a telephone post. She frantically turned the steering wheel towards the road. The tires dug deep into the beach sand and the huge, heavy Buick slowly rolled over on its passenger side. Everything was in slow motion. It continued to roll across the road into an upright position and stopped in a grassy area. I was turned upside down and hit my head on the ceiling of the car as the car rolled over. 

            In my unconscious state, my sister Pat said she shook me to find out if I were all right.  She said she heard me say, “Jesus, Jesus, help me!†I prayed in my heavenly language (Tongues).  Pat shook me again and asked, “Are you okay?†I responded, “I’m all right; I know I am.†What my sister Pat didn’t know was that this was the beginning of my “out of body experience.†After checking on me, she left the car to look for help which came from a passing jeep of navy men from the military base entrance a short distance away.

            As for me, I was floating in darkness and calling for Jesus. Then an angel appeared. I went through a dark tunnel towards the light. My soul exited my body through my feet. I floated above the car and watched a man carry my body and put it on the ground. I felt no pain. I looked at the angel who was standing in the air (above the accident scene) next to me.

            Keith, my guardian angel, asked me, “Do you want to come with me or remain here?â€

            I answered, “But, I’m too young to die (at 12 years old).â€

            He reminded me that I had been crying and begging God to take me to heaven. Then, I remembered the many days after getting home from school that I wept broken-heartedly alone in my bedroom, because my girlfriends isolated me, because I was an “A†student and my teachers favored me. After thinking about this for a moment, I told Keith, “I am so sorry, but I still think that I am too young to die.â€

            Keith warningly said, “Be careful what you say or ask for, because your words can produce life or death. Say good things only, then good things will happen to you. The power of your tongue can overcome all of your earthly problems. God, the Father, was moved by your tears. But, come with me now. Let me show you a little of where God dwells.†He clasped my hand in his and we shot straight up into the sky.

            On our trip to Heaven, I traveled through space and saw many colorful stars. I felt warm and comfortable. Then, in the distance, I saw a “bright, white diamond-shaped crown†star (exactly like NASA’s photo of New Jerusalem).[2]  This brightly lit city was amazing. We landed and walked into the city of New Jerusalem through two huge gates made of half a pearl each.[3] The streets of the city were made of pure crystal-like gold. I saw Abraham at this city gate and Ann (caretaker of babies) with a baby in her arms waiting for the baby’s mother to arrive. [4] A Spanish man, who died on earth, had just arrived in Heaven too. He was dancing and clicking his heels because he was so happy. I asked Keith, “Why is he so happy?â€

             Keith replied, “He thought that he wouldn’t make it to heaven, that’s why.â€[5]

            In heaven, communication is through mental telepathy.  People spoke in their native language, but anyone listening would hear the translation of their words in their thoughts. A person can speak to you in Filipino and you an answer that person in English. Everyone can instantly interpret any language that is spoken in Heaven.

            The “Garden of Paradise†surrounds the city walls. The River of Life flows from under the Throne of God through this garden and waters the whole kingdom. I saw green grass, trees, and flowers growing out of gold dust…no dirt or dead leaves.  I saw flowers that disappeared and new flowers reappeared in its place.  I was admiring a red rose (about the size of a basketball), when Keith said I could enter the rose and be a part of it by closing my eyes and wishing to be in it.  When I opened my eyes, I was in the rose. I heard the rose singing praises to God, and its scent was truly heavenly!

            In the atmosphere of Heaven, continuous symphonic music and worship songs are heard throughout the kingdom…the “joy of the Lord†is felt everywhere…the flowers, the trees, the river and all of God’s creation–sing praises to God continuously. Rainbow colors are seen everywhere. My mom told me that from Heaven (through her spiritual eyes), she can see that the earth is covered with rainbows.

            As we walked through the garden, I saw delicious looking fruits on the trees.  I asked Keith if I could have one. He gave me his approval. I picked a fruit that looked like a mixture of an apple and a mango. Its skin had swirls of rainbow colors. When I bit into the fruit, I found that the first bite tasted like a banana; the second bite tasted like roast beef, and the third bite tasted like a vegetable.  Imagine that one fruit supplies all our spirit body’s needs to live forever!

            People in heaven all wear simple robes. These robes are lightweight in pastel colors. The material shimmers and is different from anything we have on earth. From one side, you can see through it–like it was invisible. On the other side of the material, it was solid (you can’t see through it).  There were white robes, striped pastel robes, or robes of one pastel color. 

            There are no old people in heaven. Everyone who died when they were old on earth, looks like they are about twenty years old in heaven.

            About houses or MANSIONS—Millions of homes can be seen in suburbs on the first level of Heaven called Paradise. Some of these mansions were built by a person’s mind.  A person could choose to build a mansion with his creative mind and ideas, or he could choose to build it with his hands.  When you visit someone in his/her home, you can sit in the air or lie prostrate in the air. The lack of furniture is of no importance because you are there to enjoy the company of your friend.

             Churches are found everywhere in heaven. People may worship in a church of their choice, but they all worship the same God—Jesus, the true Lamb of God is our Redeemer.

            I also saw a large, round, white building called the Library of Heaven that expands to meet the needed space for books and records of earth’s civilizations. Millions of books, records/files of books written on earth by God’s people are available. “Talking†books for those who cannot read are available. Angels and saints serve as library workers and helpers. The file catalogs contain DVD discs that are keys to Chariot mobiles available for saints who love to travel. Chariot mobiles are travel machines in the Library’s private rooms for saints who wish to see, feel, touch and learn about “God’s Creation†or The Holy Bible heroes and stories, or civilizations that existed in the past. Because God’s Kingdom is a spiritual creation, one can turn on a chariot mobile with the DVD disc key borrowed from the Library. The chariot will fly through the library walls to its key’s destination. For example, a saint can choose to travel to the beginning of time and sit in the chariot and watch God (as a white ball of light) speak the universe into being. Can you imagine the humongous fireworks show that was? These activities are available on The First Level of Heaven.

            Before I go on, I learned from Keith that God created His Kingdom in the same format as the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. The First Level of Heaven is parallel to the Outer Court of the tabernacle. The Second Level of Heaven is parallel to the Inner Court of the tabernacle. And, the Third Level of Heaven is where God resides and is like the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle of Moses.

            Then, I was taken to The Second Level of Heaven. I was standing on a pure white floor among low floating clouds. I saw seven ornate golden lamps; each lamp was projecting strong beams of one color of the rainbow into the universe.[6]

            I asked Keith, “What is the purpose of these lamps? 

Figure 10. The Seven Lamps (Eyes) of God aka The Seven Spirits of God (Isa. 11:2-4).[7]

            Keith explained, “These lamps represent God’s Holy Spirit as it is described in Isaiah 11:2-4. They are the ‘Eyes of God.’ Each color represents a “virtue†(character trait) of Holy Spirit. The colors of the rainbow are to remind us to be virtuous or pure in the seven characteristics of God: Wisdom (red), Understanding (orange), Counsel (yellow), Might (green), Knowledge (blue),Fear of the Lord (indigo), Righteous Judgment (violet).[8]

The rainbow is seen on earth as a promise from God to us that He will never flood the earth again. It is also a promise that He will watch over (protect) His people.The Holy Spirit is the third person of our Triune God. He is our counselor, comforter, and help.â€

            Before Keith took me to see the Throne Room Worship Center of God, he told me that we would have to be in a transparent cylinder or “a pillar.†Since I was planning to return to earth, I was not allowed to step onto the crystal clear floor mingled with fire and vapor. The floor is holy as God is holy. (If I stepped onto the holy ground, I would not be allowed to return to earth and my human body. I agreed.

            We entered the Holy Ghost elevator which was clear glass all around. [9]Then, Keith lifted me into one of the seven pillars along the back wall of the room with the elevator entrance. There were many other people who were visiting the Throne Room with their guardian angels.

            The clouds rolled away and I was on the Third Level of Heaven. Millions of angels were singing an unending hymn of praise to Almighty God. The ground or floor of the gigantic Throne Room was crystal clear mingled with white fire and vapor. The Throne of God looked

Figure 11.  Sketch of the Throne Room of God Worship Center.[10]

like a pure clear diamond with a golden (jasper) glow. God, in the form of pure white light mingled with vapor, was sitting on His Throne (on wheels).[11] He was so tall that his head was above the clouds that covered the top of the throne, and below, and there were two rainbows encircling the Throne. Angels flew around the Throne and the Creator in swirling motion, receiving the prayers from angels standing near the Fiery Altar. They were singing praises to God. These angels were different sizes—small, medium, and large—with no wings, two wings, four wings and six wings. They flew in continuous waves of harmonious praises to the Most High God.           

Figure 12.  Diagram of the Throne Room of God Worship Center). [12]

            I also saw two golden trees, one planted on the right side of the throne of God and the other planted on the left side of the throne. I was told these trees were the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. One tree represents the Old Testament and the other tree represents the New Testament of the Bible.

            There were two golden arch-angels –each one guarded the area surrounding the Throne of God—one on the right, and one on the left hand of God. They were huge powerful creations. They wore pure gold armors. They had huge swords in its scabbard  at their sides. They seem

to be ready to carry out any order that the Almighty God might ask of them.

            I saw a beast with eyes all over his body, praising God and saying “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb of God! Holy is his name!†He continuously praised the Lord.

            Another creature that stood near the Throne of God had a man’s body and a head with four faces that looked in four directions—Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man—that slowly rotated. I understood that the lion’s face represents the “Lion of Judah†(Rev. 5:5). The ox’s face reminds us that His (Jesus) “yoke is easy and light†(Matt. 11:28-30). The Eagle’s face reminds us that we can be “rejuvenated†like the eagle and “soar high (above the cares of this world) with eagle’s wings†(Isa. 40:31). The fourth face of “man†reminds us that God came to earth “in the flesh†and brought “healing and salvation†to mankind. Like the lame men whom Peter and Jesus healed, we are reminded to “stand up and walk†(Acts 3:6; Luke 5:23).

            There were 24 elders sitting in semicircles on one side of the Throne; twelve in one semicircle and another twelve were seated behind them in another semicircle. They wore white robes and gold crowns. They were praising God.  I asked Keith, “Are those elders from the Old Testament?â€

            Keith said, “No. Some of those elders are from other worlds in the universe. In their world, there is no sin, so they have not experienced the struggle between good and evil like the people on earth. So, people from earth will have many stories to share with them in heaven about how your faith and the Holy Spirit won the battles against the evil one. Remember, in

their minds, they have no concept of sin.†Keith went on to point out that Peter was sitting among the elders praising God in His Throne Room.

            There was a large Fiery Altar in front of God’s Throne. Jesus, the Son of God, stood by the altar. Prayers, in the form of lightning bolts, brightened the air as it traveled from earth and struck the burning altar. Some of these lightning bolts were medium in size, and many of them were very small. (Fire in heaven is not like fire on earth, which has red, orange, and blue colors. Fire in heaven is a pure white color.) After striking the altar, the lightning bolts fell to the outer edge of the altar. Angels gather the prayers, which looked like lightning bolt sticks and place these in the hands of angels flying around the Throne of God. The bolts turn into white incense and is accepted by God.

            As I stood in one of seven pillars at the back of this humongous worship center with many other people, observing all of these activities in God’s Heavenly Kingdom, when a huge lightning bolt burst upon the altar giving off a bright white light! I was amazed. I asked Keith if the prayer came from an important person on earth like a president or a king. He said, “No…. That was from a mother praying for her child.†As a mother today, I understand that when a mother cries out to God for her son or daughter, that prayer, “full of love,†strikes the Prayer Altar as a “huge bolt of lightning.â€

            Then Keith reminded me that I had to return to my body. My first reaction was that I did not want to leave this heavenly kingdom. But, I remembered that I told Keith that “I was too young to die.†So, I held his hand and in what seemed like a few seconds, we were back at the accident scene near my body.

            Keith directed me to enter my body through my feet. It was like entering a dark tunnel. Then, I felt a hard bump on my head and I opened my eyes. I was lying on the ground surrounded by my mother and sisters, who were crying because they thought I was dead. But that changed quickly when they saw my eyes open.

In the Emergency Room, I remembered that it was Friday, October 11, 1957. The open wounds on my legs were cleaned and sewn together. A cast was placed on my left arm and numerous cuts on my head with glass pieces were cleaned out. Then, I was sent home (to die).

            I heard my mom talking on the phone with the Prayer Team leader. She asked them to come and pray for me.  After she ended her call, I told her, “Mom, I am not going to die. I was in heaven and they sent me back to live.†

            The next day, my head ballooned because of internal bleeding (concussion). I wasn’t able to go to school for three months. But, the “silver lining†of this accident was going on the trip to Heaven and visiting Paradise garden and the Throne Room of God. 

            Also, the girls in my seventh grade class came to visit me at home. When they saw me, they realized I was very badly hurt. Each girl apologized for isolating me from their friendship circle. I accepted their apologies and forgave them. Three months later, I returned to school with a cast on my left arm. Every day was “happier†for me…my classmates were nicer to me as wells as to each other.

[1] “Mana,†also called “Barking Sands,†( > wiki > Pacific_Missile_Range_Facility).

            [2] Nikolov.

                [3] Ref. Rev. 21:21–“And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each separate gate was of one single pearl. And the street (broad way) of the city was pure gold, like transparent crystal.â€

            [4] Note: Jesus said (to Neville Johnson) that 84% to 93% of heaven’s population live on this first level called Paradise. The percentages vary because thousands of souls enter the gates each day. For this reason, the Kingdom of God is constantly expanding to accommodate new citizen-saints.

            [5] Note: Marieann was asked to share her “Trip to Heaven†story at a DOE Retirement Luncheon for teachers. As a result, her close friend, Charmaine Rapozo, heard it repeated in a Bible Study group. When Charmaine heard about the Spanish man who “danced and clicked his heels†she recalled a childhood memory and exclaimed, “That’s my dad!  That’s my dad!†She revealed that her dad passed away when she was young.  This news brought so much joy and peace to her and his family.

                [6] Biblical References of Seven Lamps: Num. 8:1-2; Rev. 4:5.

[7] Marieann K. Ono Ferreira, “Seven Lamps of the Seven Spirits of God, September 21, 2020, Honolulu, HI, in Patricia Ono Nakama’s possession.

            [8] Smithsonian Libraries, “The Science of Color,†Opticks documented Newton’s discoveries of the ROYGBIV colors that make up the visible color spectrum:  Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – Violet.  Indigo is one of the 7 colors of the classic rainbow as dictated by the visible color spectrum (a color between blue and violet)., accessed on October 12, 2020.

[9] “Mana,†also called “Barking Sands,†( > wiki > Pacific_Missile_Range_Facility).

[10] Marieann K. Ono Ferreira, The Throne Room of God (aka Holy of Holies), September 21, 2020, Kalaheo, Kauai, HI, in Patricia Ono Nakama’s possession. Note: This sketch shows God as a huge pillar of white light sitting on His crystal clear Throne on wheels (Exe. 1:16-21).

[11] Percy Collett, “Heavenly Lecture,†B S, reporter, Investigator 7, (1989 July). Note:Percy Collett said that God’s Throne is 2000 miles high (from the top of his head to the soles of his feet as He is sitting on His Throne), and it is on wheels., accessed on October 31, 2020.

[12] Patricia O. Nakama, Diagram of the Throne Room of God, August 27, 2020, Honolulu, HI in author’s possession. (Note: Throne Room is huge [beyond human perception]. The items in diagram are those that were described by Marieann. She saw four beasts, but she watched two beasts as Keith explained the biblical meaning of the four faces and many eyes.)

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